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Brain With permission by Dr. Nicolas Rougier

To understand how the nervous system functions is one of the greatest scientific challenges of our time and of utmost importance to improve health in our society. Abnormal development as well as diseases and injuries of the nervous system often lead to severe, lifelong disability and great suffering for the patient and family. These conditions also account for a major part of ill-health in our society. The Department of Neuroscience is committed to research and education about the nervous system. Our research aims to increase our knowledge about normal nervous system functions and our understanding of mechanisms underlying abnormal development, diseases and injuries of the nervous system, as well as to develop improved treatments for these conditions.

 July 2016


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Congratulations to Dr. Christian Benedict, Functional Pharmacology, who has been awarded the German prize ” Dr Werner Fekl Award, German Society Nutritional Medicine”!

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Prices and awards

Congratulations to Dr. Christian Benedict, Functional Pharmacology, who has been awarded the German prize ” Dr Werner Fekl Award, German Society Nutritional Medicine”

Congratulations to Daniel Ocampo Daza, who has been awarded prize in Science 3.0 blogcontest with "Is there anything fish don´t do?! Mucus- feeding and prolactin"

Lars Oreland, prof. em. Pharmacology, has been elected Doctor honoris by the University of Tartu

Professor Dan Larhammar, Pharmacology, has been elected president of the European Society for Comparative Endocrinology.

Congratulations to Lisa Ekselius and Lars Hillered who have been awarded Landstingets prize for research!

Grants and stipendiums

Projektmedel för pedagogisk utveckling

Publication of grants for PhD students at the Faculty of Medicine