Department of Neuroscience/Ophthalmology, Akademiska sjukhuset, SE-751 85 Uppsala
Tel: +46 18 611 5135, Fax: +46 18 50 48 57, Email

Revised 20-10-18

Project leader

Professor Per Söderberg
Dept. of Neuroscience/Ophthalmology
University Hospital
SE-751 85 Uppsala

Phone: +46 18 611 9990
Mobile: +46 708 41 84 47

The Ophthalmic Biophysics research project is focused on applications of physics to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment in ophthalmology with a focus on hazards of optical radiation on the eye and mechanisms of damage and diagnosis of corneal health. 

Would you like to join our research group?

  • Post-doc positions are currently available with advance planning. Financing of personal expenses has to be secured with common efforts.
  • PhD positions are currently available only for students that bring their own personal funding for salary. Certificate of available funding for personal expenses must be provided in advance.
  • Project students enlisted at UU as undergratduate students are allways wellcome to join in a research project on a voluntary basis to give research a try.
  • Conditions
  • Funding a research period in a European lab, presentation at the ARVO 2008 meeting

Please, contact one of the project leaders (see under Project staff on the left)